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Grinder and septic pumps are responsible for pumping hundreds of gallons of greywater through your septic system every week. If the wastewater needs to be pumped over long distances or in rough terrain, a grinder pump is recommended. Sewage in slurry form requires more pressure to transport which can lead to breakdowns over time.

If you need to pump wastewater up to a higher level, a septic pump is recommended. It’s also needed if you have a disposal location that is upslope and cannot flow by gravity.

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Ejector pump inspections for South Wisconsin

Grinder & Septic Pump Inspection

Our team of sewage contractors will inspect the following areas when servicing your grinder pump:

  • Oil level in the motor chamber
  • Pump impeller for any buildup of waste material or clogs
  • The condition of the bearings in the pump motor
  • The seal of the grinder pump motor
  • (On older models) The grinder pump breather vent for obstructions

Other things to inspect for a sewage ejector pump system:

  • Accessibility - to get to the tank for inspection, replacement, or repair
  • Alarm system - it’s working if the pump level rises above normal
  • Backups - look for scraps, water lines, odors, etc. outside the pumping chamber
  • Check valve on discharge line - assures the system doesn’t back up and flood the sewage pump system

Sewage Grinder Pump Inspections for South Wisconsin

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