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Area Septic Installation is Madison’s leading full-service septic company. We specialize in Septic and Grinder pump inspections, repairs, and installations. Our team has the experience and expertise to repair or replace any brand or type of pump. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Find hassle-free and reliable septic and grinder pump services at Area Septic Installation, contact us today!

How do I know if my pump should be repaired or replaced?

High-quality, well-maintained Grinder and Septic pumps can last 10 - 15 years before needing replacement. If you notice signs that your pump is starting to fail, double-check when it was installed and review the maintenance history. Failing pumps near the end of their lifespan are typically more cost-effective to replace than repair.

If you are unsure whether your pump needs to be repaired or replaced, call Area Septic Installation to come take a look. We’ll thoroughly inspect your pump and explain in plain language exactly what the issue is. After we diagnose the issue and explain the status, we’ll lay out all your options and help restore or replace your pump! Contact us today to get started.

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Madison Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder pumps are required for buildings at a lower elevation than the sewer main and work by grinding up wastewater and debris, and then pumping it up to the sewer. If you notice signs that your grinder pump is starting to fail, such as the pump not starting, unusual noises, or a foul odor, contact ASI to come take a look. We’ll diagnose exactly what the issue is and explain it in plain language. Some of the most common parts to fail on grinder pumps include:

  • Dull blades
  • Worn out bearings
  • Leaks due to worn-out seals or gaskets
  • Pump motor
  • Obstructed float switches
  • Clogs from debris or grease lead to pump failure

Madison residents and businesses know they can rely on ASI for fast and affordable grinder pump repairs. Our team has the expertise to inspect, repair, and replace any type or brand of grinder pump. Get started with a free quote.

Residential & Commercial Septic Pump Repair in Madison

Septic pumps move waste from a septic tank to a drain field. When septic pumps fail, it can lead to untreated sewage backing up into your home or business. Common signs that your septic pump may be failing include foul odors near your septic system, the septic pump not starting or struggling to start, excessive noise coming from the holding tank, and in serious cases sewage backups. Some of the most common components to fail in a septic pump include:

  • Impeller clogs
  • Discharge pipe clogs
  • Motor overheating or electrical faults
  • Float switch blockage or obstruction
  • Intake line and shaft seal leaks

Area Septic Installation is Madison’s trusted septic pump repair service. Whether you need emergency repairs, an annual inspection, or a new septic pump installed, ASI will make sure it is done right. Get a free quote on hassle-free septic pump repairs from ASI.

24/7 Emergency Septic Repairs

If the alarm box on your septic pump or grinder pump control box is activated, call Area Septic Installation right away for emergency repairs. Septic emergencies can occur unexpectedly, day or night. When faced with a septic crisis, you need a fast and reliable partner who can quickly respond and resolve the problem without delay. Area Septic Installation provides 24/7 365 emergency septic and grinder pump repair services for residents and businesses across Madison. Gain peace of mind knowing help is on the way with Area Septic Installation.

If you hear your Septic Alarm Call Area Septic Installation Immediately!

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