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Septic Pump Repair

Residential Septic Pump Service & Repair

Septic tank pumps are important for keeping the septic system running. Your pump might have issues sending debris and wastewater up to your septic tank, which is an essential part of the process.

Area Septic Installation will come to repair your septic pump if you’re having major issues. We service all areas within an hours range of our facility.

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Septic pump repair and maintenance in Wisconsin

Septic Pump Services include:


Effluent Pump Maintenance in Wisconsin

Effluent septic pumps are normally easy to maintain since they are pretty durable, but it’s important to make sure yours is working properly. Inspect and pump your system frequently. It’s important to have your pump inspected and pumped every few years. Other maintenance methods include:

  • Using water efficiently
  • Properly disposing of waste
  • Maintaining your drain field

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